Amethyst Bamboo Water Bottle

Amethyst Bamboo Water Bottle


Beautiful crystal-infused water bottles. These are not only stunning to look at, but  are the perfect way to get your dose of positive energy. Made with a large crystal point, holds 600ml of water, each carrying its own healing benefits. 

From the beautiful WA brand Laced with Kindess.

Amethyst is exceptional for providing spiritual protection, inner strength and clarity of mind. It can help tune into your feelings and calm your thoughts. This crystal attracts positive energy while ridding your body of any negative emotions, such as stress, anxiety, fear, depression and more.


Materials - Bamboo & Glass

HAND WASH ONLY. Unscrew the base of the bottle to clean inside and around the crystal.

Please note due to each crystal being unique, there may be some variances in crystal colours.