'Amongst The Magic' Original Tahnee Kelland


We are absolutely besotted with our commission piece 'Amongst The Magic' painted by local artist Tahnee Kelland. Tahnee is one of the most sought after artists in Australia at this time and her original pieces and very hard to come by.  

"Amongst The Magic' is representative of her calming and spiritual nature. With beautiful peach tones and the fine details of the stars swirling through the center, we are taken away to a magical land where all of our dreams can come true. A paradise land with palm trees and mountains hiding all of the whimsical creatures you can imagine. 

Dimensions: 1250 x 1550mm

Tahnee Kelland is painter and muralist, currently based in her hometown of Mandurah, Western Australia. Grounded in the subject of spiritual and inward growth, Tahnee’s ever evolving painting style sways between symbolism and folk art. Recurring motifs, flowers, foliage and the female form draw the viewer into a reflective and meditative state where balance and serenity are the ultimate reward.

Creating art since she can remember, Tahnee Kelland only began selling her artwork to the public in 2015 and was a finalist in the Frankie Magazine Good Stuff Award 2019. Her murals can be found in and around Mandurah and Perth, Australia.

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