Churchfarm Handmade Soap - Black Eucalyptus

Churchfarm Handmade Soap - Black Eucalyptus



Australian Black Clay is a non-toxic mineral with cleansing and conditioning agents, which make it particularly good for nourishing the skin. Combined with the Australian native Eucalyptus which has anti-inflammatory properties and a unique fresh and clean aroma, this bar is one of our favourites here at the Church Farm. 


Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Water, Lye, Australian Black Clay, Eucalyptus Oil, Dried Eucalyptus Leaves


Handmade & Homegrown Soap made with solar infused plant-based oils, enriched with natural clays,

real botanicals and essential oils.

No Palm Oil, Synthetic Fragrances, Dyes or Preservatives

Always Fair Trade & Cruelty Free

Tested on Friends not animals