Social & Environmental Attributes

Consideration for social and environmental effect is in our nature at Frisky Deer the Label.

We live in - and are inspired by - such a beautiful place. With every decision we make, we weigh up and consider our impact on Mother Earth and how we can reduce and eliminate any adverse effects for our future generations. We are able to make these considerations thanks to the amazing support we receive from you - we are eternally grateful, & dedicated to continuing to do our best to achieve carbon neutrality in 2022.

Frisky Deer Artisian

 Frisky Deer the Label is an ethical slow fashion label that creates long-lasting pieces out of 100% organic cotton.

Our artisans have hand block-printed the pattern onto 100% cotton and linen fabric, using a hand block which is one of the oldest methods of textile printing. Our garments are made in local villages in India, supporting local artisans with employment and passing down the skills of this ancient process.

When creating our collections, we value the techniques and abilities of our artisan in India. We are proud to support and promote artisanal items, which are frequently created by women or marginalised groups and, as a result, provide better economic and social benefits.

Every day, the workers who make our clothes arrive at work certain that they will receive respectful treatment and just compensation for their efforts.



Making Frisky Deer the Label

 The idea behind Frisky Deer the Label

Frisky Deer the Label is very special to our hearts. Designed by our founder Dee, the patterns and the designs are exclusive to Frisky Deer. Having spent so many years talking with customers in store about how to dress, Dee wanted to create a slow fashion label inspired by a new form of beauty - where being comfortable in your own skin is the most beautiful you can be.
We want to increase manufacturing transparency and produce items that last through the years. In this way, you as a conscious consumer may feel good about your choice to invest in Frisky Deer the Label.

Founder in Frisky Deer


 Frisky Deer the Label

 Don't judge a parcel by it's packaging 

We re-use and recycle packaging as much as we can. This means that your online order may arrive in a box that has been used to ship goodies to us. On the outside it may not be as pretty, but the inside is where the goodness is!

Our garment bags are made from cornstarch and are biodegradable and compostable.

We are converting all of our packaging to recycled or planet-friendly products like paper goods, tape, and stickers and we use Hero Pack compostable mailers for all clothing orders. 

Bio Bags