We're working diligently to be a carbon neutral, planet-saving force for good in our community. We take our responsibility to our shared planet very seriously & are continuously looking at new ways we can minimise our carbon footprint. Our goal? Carbon neutrality within 12 months. Here are some of the ways we care for Mother Earth.

We re-use and recycle packaging as much as we can. This means that your online order may arrive in a box that has been used to ship goodies to us. On the outside it may not be as pretty, but the inside is where the goodness is!

We are converting all of our packaging to recycled or planet-friendly products like paper goods, tape, and stickers and we use Hero Pack compostable mailers.

In our cafe, we use biodegradable or recycled materials and we promote reusable takeaway coffee cups by offering a discount for using them (don't forget yours next time you visit!)

We actively seek out and promote suppliers with the same eco goals - reducing waste, ethical manufacturing, & mindful use of resources.

We live in - and are inspired by - such a beautiful place. Every decision we make is weighed up considering the impact on Mother Earth and how we can reduce and eliminate any adverse effects for our future generations. We are able to make these considerations thanks to the amazing support we receive from you - we are eternally grateful, & dedicated to continuing to do our best to achieve carbon neutrality in 2022.