I Laid a Brick - The Observatory Sept 18

I Laid a Brick - The Observatory Sept 18

I Laid a Brick - The Observatory Sept 18

The beautiful Spring weather has arrived and with that comes the completion of our first floor brickwork with Cachet Homes. I was lucky enough to lay a brick in the mezzanine wall. I was completely caught off guard when the offer came, which explains the poor choice of fash-un. I love fluro, so I was disappointed to not be given the opportunity to kit out.
Above - at this point I should be paying attention. Why didn't I watch closely? It was a lot harder than what I thought.
Above - I'm laughing because there is no way I could actually lay a brick. There's a reason it's a career.
Above - Ok, Ok, so I didn't actually do anything, the mortar appeared and then the brick was placed in my hand. It was just like placing the top layer of cake on the first layer of icing. 
Above - me pondering becoming a brickie. What you can't see is my effort being corrected and cleaned up before the final shot!
Above - my awkward elation at laying ONE of the 416784 bricks at The Observatory. X marks the spot.
Above - a nice little north view of the estuary.
Above and below - the lower level completely scaffed up and ready to double in size with the completion of the first floor brickwork!


  • Opening day – make sure the lemon meringue cake is there!! I will of course be there!
    So excited!! Can’t wait

    Aleca on

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