We are beyond excited to finally share our epic plans for 2018.

We have just laid the foundations on our own building in the Mandurah Marina. We can't actually believe it. We are bouncing with excitement.

Sneak peak from the mezzanine floor


When we opened Frisky Deer almost 3 years ago, we were unsure of where this little dream would take us. It quickly became apparent that we may need some extra space. Our customers suggested knocking out the walls to the side of us to spill into! But alas this is not possible where we are.

We started looking around. We were thinking old. Really old. Maybe a house. Or a heritage building. But the beautiful history in Mandurah only provided for old fishing sheds. And they were impossible to find.

For 8 months we had our finger on the pulse. We made an offer on a bigger space, that wasn't meant to be and eventually fell over. We had to think bigger. Better. Broader. Then a couple of connections put us in front of a vacant piece of land that was as rare as hen's teeth. Someone was looking after us. It was not something we had thought of, but it was everything we needed.

It took 4 months before it finally became ours. If we had learnt anything over the past 3 years, it is that hard work and perseverance will eventually lead you to where you are meant to be. We signed a contract on a piece of paper, over a beer at The Pen. Literally, an agreement on a piece of paper, a handshake agreement! A monumental amount of trust that we never questioned.

The next 10 months went a little like this - plan, plan, plan, change, adjust, fall over, fail, adjust, measure, measure, plan, plan, change, fall over, fail, measure, plan, plan, plan, plan, pray, pray, plan, measure, measure, fall over, get up, fall over, adjust, plan, plan, SUCCESS!

Floor to ceiling windows 


Naming the building was important to us. 'Observatory' comes from the verb observe or "watch", which in turn is rooted in the Latin observare, "watch over or guard." We want you to feel soothed in our space and observe and absorb all that is The Observatory. Not only will Frisky Deer occupy 'The Observatory', but we are also providing a separate space for our partners that are all about supporting YOU. Watch this space for more on that later!

We have joined forces with Mandurah's most awarded builder - Cachet Homes, for our two storey custom build of 'The Observatory'. Cachet Homes is a family owned local building company with decades of experience in the industry.


That's it from us today, there is soooo much more to tell. Next week we will talk about the inspiration for the build. The buildings that inspired us and meeting the design brief.

We are Big Kev excited!! Please join us on this journey. Subscribe to our newsletter so we can share our updates with you x  


  • I spotted “Frisky Deer” on the sign at the block and wondered what you guys were dreaming up next! Full marks to you both – going for bigger and better. I know it will be a great success. Jo

    House By The Water on

  • Cant wait to see the new space.

    World Interiors on

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